Rebecca Forchuk

Administrators - Principal

About Me

In order to improve learning for all, the Director of Staff Development plans, coordinates and implements quality staff development that is aligned with Foothills School Division’s Vision for Leading and Supporting Learning. As the Director of Staff Development, Rebecca Forchuk leads and supports learning for a variety of groups both at the system and school levels. She is responsible for understanding future trends and societal contexts within education and plans staff development accordingly to ensure our employees are supported through changes in the profession.  She maintains effective partnerships with organizations such as Alberta Education, our Foothills Alberta Teachers’ Association Professional Development Committee, universities and local consortias to assist in staff development. She is currently leading the divisional work around Inspiring Education and Curriculum Prototyping.

At the system level, Rebecca directs and supports the work of the Curriculum & Instruction Facilitator, Instructional Coaches, Action Research Cohort, Foothills Assessment Specialist Team (F.A.S.T.) and the Second Year Teacher Cohort. She also assists with the planning and implementation of Foothills Administrator’s Association (FAA)’s staff development. Within her portfolio, she specifically builds capacity in the areas of assessment and reporting, intellectual engagement, designing for understanding and effective instructional strategies. She is also the lead for System Learning Days, Summer Institute and other system level staff development opportunities.  Collaborating with other Directors within Foothills School Division, she assists with planning the professional development of support staff including, but not limited to, Educational Assistants, Youth Development Counselors, Family School Liaison Counselors, Office Administrators and Secretaries.

At the school level, she collaborates with administrators, instructional coaches and teachers to design meaningful, relevant staff development that builds capacity.  She also supports the FAA with School Improvement Planning.  During school-based staff development days, she leads learning within schools in consultation with the School Leadership Team.

The Director of Staff Development builds capacity to ensure the staff of Foothills School Division is able to explore, develop and celebrate the unique gifts and abilities of each learner entrusted to our care.