Draft K-6 Curriculum Pilot

The Board of Trustees and leadership team has had an opportunity to look at both the draft K to 6 curriculum as well as the proposed implementation details.

Foothills School Division will not be participating in the pilot of this draft curriculum.  We do not feel that it would be in the best interest of Foothills School Division, its students, staff team or community.” said Chris Fuzessy, Superintendent of Schools.

We will be launching an upcoming engagement opportunity for our FSD community and staff team to provide feedback to Alberta Education.

Board Chair Larry Albrecht says, “In the spirit of Alberta Education’s Assurance Model, Foothills School Division will gather comprehensive and collective feedback from our school community.  We believe this necessary step will help guide Alberta Education as they consider important changes to this draft curriculum”.

Foothills School Division supports working towards a renewed curriculum in Alberta, especially one that will help prepare our students for a successful future.  While the current draft K to 6 curriculum makes some strides towards this goal, significant concerns about the draft curriculum as well as the implementation and pilot process remain.

Throughout COVID-19 we have seen tremendous challenges placed upon our schools, Division, and community.  During this time, our priority has been to provide safe learning environments for students and staff with a focus on wellness and wellbeing as well as a continuity of learning.  This focus must remain a priority of Foothills School Division as we strive to best meet the needs of our entire community.